Mock Draft 2015 PPR/Flex

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I need to preface this article by saying that I’m currently infatuated with the Minnesota Vikings offense and that is a large reason why I’m overly excited to have Teddy Bridgewater and Kyle Rudolph. In my head they’ll be in my starting lineup over Andrew Luck and Zach Ertz by week 4. But I digress.

I said in a tweet earlier today that my new favorite selection is the 1st pick in the draft which is odd because normally I cross my fingers in hopes that I’m not forced to select 1st overall. Not anymore! I now love the opportunity to stack two picks in a row and select the player that I truly want.

So here it is…

Jamaal Charles, 1st Overall Pick

To tell you the truth I got bored of selecting Adrian Peterson so I decided to go with Charles.


Charles is the most electric man in the NFL and at any moment can rip off a 90 yard run. Also in a PPR league I like his catching ability more than AP which is a plus.

C.J. Anderson, 2nd Round

I’ve been documented as saying that Anderson is not worth his current ADP which was mid 1st. Getting him at the end of the 2nd is an absolute steal.

Andrew Luck, 3rd Round

This was a tough pick. Select the best quarterback in the league or take an okay wide receiver? I’d rather have the best player at a position rather than just another guy which is why I selected Luck.

Kelvin Benjamin– Keenan Allen– Vincent Jackson, 4th- 6th round

This is a PPR league and wide receivers are a must which is why I selected 3 of them in a row.

These are 3 #1 guys that can absolutely ball and I will be comfortable going into every week with these guys on my roster.

Amari Cooper, 7th Round

This may have been a little early for the rookie but I’m confident with this pick none the less. Derek Carr is going to fall in the love with Cooper and I wouldn’t be surprised if he targeted him 1 thousand times this season.

Zach Ertz, 8th Round 

This pick scares me and makes me wish that I had taken Jimmy Graham with my second pick.

After Gronk and Graham there is a huge drop off at the tight end position and every other player is an absolute crap shoot. Experts are excited about Ertz but you never know with a younger player who has an injury prone quarterback.

Chris Ivory– Bishop Sankey, 9th and 10th Rounds 

After selecting two running backs in the first two rounds I decided to finally back the position up with two budding stars.

I love Chris Ivory! The guy runs like his dreads are on fire and puts more effort into every single run than any other player which is why I love that he fell to the 9th round.

Sankey had a really disappointing rookie season, but was it really his fault? This year should be a completely different year for the Titans and I expect Sankey to break out.

Brian Quick, 11th Round

Brian Quick is going to set the fantasy world on fire this season. Don’t miss out people!

P.S. If he gets hurt forget I ever talked about him.



Damon Harrison


Normally I hate when players talk, especially in the offseason but for some reason I can get behind Snacks talking about how he is the best nose tackle in the league. I love It!

First off, outside of the world of Jets, Harrison just doesn’t get the credit that he deserves because of where he plays and the guys that are around him so why not toot your on horn and let everyone know who the best is?

Secondly, It’s Snacks. Possibly the nicest guy in the world. He’s like a big Teddy bear all lovable and huggable.

And most importantly he isn’t putting anyone else down. He’s not saying that everyone else garbage, he’s just saying that he is the best. That’s it, a harmless statement.


Mock Draft!

PPR/ Flex League

Fantasy Football Championships are won by risk takers. If you don’t take a couple of chances you will find yourself finishing in 6th place and to tell you the truth I can’t think of anything worse than finishing in 6th place. I’d rather take a chance and finish in last than finish in the middle of the pack but who knows maybe that’s just me.  If you strive for greatness, reach for the stars, or just don’t wish to be average, keep reading!

Matt Forte, Calvin Johnson and Jimmy Graham all have the possibility of being the highest point scorers at their respective positions and that is how you win fantasy championships! Sure Andrew Luck or Aaron Rodgers would have been great with one of those selections but in my opinion there are plenty of quarterbacks that can be great this year. The difference between a top tier receiver or running back is much more drastic than at quarterback which makes it even more vital to select one.

Eli Manning is a player that will be great this year. He has the offensive linemen and he clearly has the weapons to put up big numbers and there is no doubt that he can be a top 5 fantasy quarterback. Obviously, Eli is not a sure thing and that is why I selected Teddy Bridgewater with my very next pick. Bridgewater now has Mike Wallace and Adrian Peterson to go along with Charles Johnson and Cordarrelle Patterson which should make things much easier for the second year quarterback and allow him to put up big numbers.

Doug Martin was god awful last year but there is no doubt that he can return to his pro bowl form and is worth the risk in the 9th round especially with Jameis Winston now running the offense in Tampa.

My favorite pick in the draft is Andre Ellington in the 4th round. He is almost guaranteed to be the starting running back and if he can stay healthy he will be an absolute beast in PPR leagues. If you can grab Ellington in the 4th round you’ll be getting the steal of the draft.


5 Running Backs Who Won’t Win You A Fantasy Championship



1. Frank Gore

On the football field, Frank Gore will compliment Andrew Luck very well but on the stat sheet you won’t be wowed. If you’re ok with 3.9 YPC and 5 TDs then Gore is the guy for you but if you want to win your fantasy league I recommend going in another direction.

2. LeGarrette Blount

Name me one time the Patriots finished with the running back that they started with… you can’t. No reason to risk a high pick on a player that will be available on waivers in weeks 2.

3. Tevin Coleman

There is no upside in selecting Coleman, not even in a Keeper league. They’re a passing team with a solid starting back in Devonta Freeman so don’t expect much from the rookie.

4. Jeremy Hill

Here is the shocker on the list. He’s considered a top 10 fantasy running back by most and had a great rookie season with the Bengals but I see him slowing down in his second season especially with Gio Bernard getting back to full health.

5. Lamar Miller


Have you seen that offense lately? They have weapons on weapons from DeVante Parker to Jarvis Landry to rookie running back Jay Ajayi. I see Lamar Miller getting lost in the mix in 2015.


5 Quarterbacks That Won’t Have Pro Bowl Seasons


1. Sam Bradford

Chip Kelly is out of his mind if he thinks that Sam, ouch my ACL, Bradford is going to stay healthy for an entire season in his offense. Every time Bradford gets hit there is a 50% chance that he is going to get injured (official stat I made up in my head) and he’s going to get hit often in this Eagles offense. Good Luck Sam!

2. Colin Kaepernick

Has there ever been a worse off-season than what the 49ers are going through this year? Last year they were favorites to make it to the Super Bowl, this year they’d be lucky to win 8 games.

Jim Harbaugh was a huge reason for Kaepernicks success, don’t be shocked if he’s not the same player as a year ago.


3. Jay Cutler

Another year another offense for Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears. Don’t expect Jays best in 2015 especially with the departure of Brandon Marshall.

4. Tom Brady

He’s an old man and old men don’t put up fantasy stats. Expect an average year from Brady in 2015. 25 touchdowns, 17 interceptions, and 3500 yards. 

5. Marcus Mariota

Great kid but stud NFL quarterback? Not yet. Give Mariota a couple of years to figure out the NFL before you make him QB1 of your fantasy team. B9317232945Z.1_20150505181040_000_GRFAN12LJ.1-0

Jets Receivers

Karl Dorrell

Above is a link to a video of Karl Dorrell talking about what the Jets have this season at wide receiver and it seems to be all very positive stuff.

The best thing about having all of those cornerbacks on our roster is that every single wide receiver is going to be tested every single day during practice. When it comes to game day it will be a nice little break from the
grind of going up against Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie at practice.
P.S.- Remember last year when we had to hide wide receivers in the end zone because we couldn’t score any points? Yup I do to.


Players To Target

Jonathan Stewart- DeAngelo Williams is finally out of the picture and it seems like Stewart is fully healthy for the first time in a while which makes Stewart the perfect fantasy selection especially after a strong finish in 2014.

Andre Ellington– Ellington is being way undervalued this year which is very interesting. His ADP is in the 4th round which would be a huge steal for a guy that is a starter, can put up 1200 yards and catch 70 balls out of the backfield.

Brandin Cooks– If you’re in a PPR league there may be no one better than Brandin Cooks. He had 53 catches while only playing in 10 games during his rookie season and seemed to get only better as the season went on.

Drew Brees is going to have to find a new best friend now that Jimmy Graham is gone and who better than Cooks.

Eli Manning– Manning is going to be a fantasy star this year. OBJ, Victor Cruz and Reuben Randle are going to be very hard to stop especially now that Eli will have more time to throw the ball behind his improved offensive line.

Matthew Berry has Eli ranked as his 12th best quarterback but don’t be shocked if he finishes as a top 3 player this year.

He may be the dopiest man in the NFL but he will be the reason why you”ll be victorious in 2015.

Cam Newton– Quietly, Cam had a very solid year in 2015. The Panthers finally got some good play out of supporting cast members like Greg Olsen and Kelvin Benjamin and added Michigan standout Devin Funchess in the draft. Cam has all the weapons to be a fantasy standout in 2015.

Keenan Allen– Allen had a quiet season after wowing fantasy players in his rookie season but don’t be shocked if he puts up double digits touchdown receptions in 2015. Rivers is playing great football and with the addition of rookie running back Melvin Gordon he’ll start to see passing lanes open up.

Eric Decker– Somehow Decker managed 74 catches on a very poor offense and an extremely dysfunctional team. The addition of Marshall will be beneficial to Decker as he will see much more 1-1 coverage.

Davante Adams– Aaron Rodgers is his quarterback which means that he’ll put up pro bowl numbers in his second year as a pro.

Jordan Cameron– Remember when Jordan Cameron was on the same level as Jimmy Graham? Yea me neither. Thats what happens when your on the Browns, you disappear. Ryan Tannehill is going to be able to utilize Cameron the way that he was born to be used


Stay Away!

Here’s a list of players that I won’t endorse in 2015. These are guys that are being way over hyped who’ve still not shown that they are worth the selection for this upcoming Fantasy Football Draft or who are on the decline. These are the guys that have flown up draft boards despite not putting up a full season of work and guys that I can’t trust to be on my team, at least at their current ADP. Enjoy

All ADP are based off of Fantasy football calculator

C.J. Anderson, DEN, Pick 1.09

Are you kidding me? Am I the only person that has any love for Monte Ball still? Even if you don’t love Ball, you know that he is going to take a chunk of the carries away from Anderson and with Manning running the offense you know that it will almost be impossible for him to average over 15 carries a game. For me that’s not enough to justify a 1st round pick.

If Anderson falls to the middle of the 2nd round I will be more than happy to add him to my team but I see much more valuable players that I can select at the end of the 1st.

Latavius Murray, OAK, Pick 4.01

If you want to trust a guy who ran the ball 82 times last year than by all means be my guest. But me personally, I’m going to be a tad cautious when selecting the back from Oakland.

Does he have upside? Sure he does but his floor is much lower.

Charles Johnson, MIN, Pick 7.11

Charles Johnson was one of Teddy Bridgewaters only options last season. That’s not the case this season. Don’t be shocked if Johnson disappears in 2015.

Steve Smith, BAL, Pick 8.12

It’s never been a good idea to doubt Steve Smith Sr. during his career and if he ends up reading this article (highly likely) disregard everything I’m about to say.

He’s too old, he’s too small, and he’s lost a step. Forget about Steve Smith on draft day.

Duke Johnson, CLE, 9.01

If Duke Johnson is your 3rd or 4th string running back in fantasy this year you’re in big trouble. This is Cleveland we’re talking about and scoring is not something that they are famous for.